• Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held in the garden restaurant at 2 Dr. Emanoil Bacaloglu Street,  on July 18th (day 3 of the conference), at 7 PM. The cost of the conference dinner is included in the conference fee. We suggest that participants meet at around 6:30 PM (but no later than 6:45 PM) in front on the National Theater at University Square, and then walk to the restaurant.

On July 19th, at the end of the conference, those of you staying a bit longer in Bucharest can join us for a tour of the open-air Village Museum. We will meet at 2:00 PM in front of the Pullman hotel. Please follow the Facebook page of the conference for updates.


(Cover of Alge, one of the magazines of the interwar avant-garde in Romania. Source. )